Our Services

  Drilling, blasting, and road construction

 Drilling and blasting of quarries and mines

  Special drilling and blasting

  Civil engineering (excavation, reinforcement, transportation, etc.)

  Trade and transportation of explosive materials

  Storage of explosive materials

About Us

Maktek LLC is a company based in the Republic of North Macedonia, specializing in the trade of explosives, blasting initiatory systems, explosive transportation, blasting, drilling, excavation, civil engineering, and transportation.

The explosive materials traded by the company are utilized in mines, quarries, road construction, tunneling, demolition of various structures of public interest, underwater detonations, and other industrial and public works requiring such explosive products.

Our success is based on a professional approach and the utmost dedication of all our employees.

The vision of Maktek LLC is to increase the market share in this industry, both domestically and internationally.


From the onset, the main priorities of the company have been the safe and continuous development, aiming to meet consumer needs, continuously expanding the range of products and services, and fostering innovation.


возен парк

We operate four static warehouses and one mobile warehouse with permanent stocks located in several regions of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Warehouse Space

Maktek LLC owns its own fleet and complete modern machinery.

Transportation and Services

Successfully completed projects


Explosive used


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Highway A2 Kicevo - Ohrid, section Podvis - Preseka

(2015 - ongoing)

Highway A2 Kicevo - Ohrid, section Podvis - Preseka, tunnels

(2015 - ongoing)

Highway Kicevo - Ohrid, Section 4 Pesochani - Trebenishta and Section 5 Trebenishta - Podmole

(2015 - ongoing)

Jevahir Gurup - location Sun City

(2015 - ongoing)

Highway Kicevo - Ohrid, Section 4 Pesochani - Trebenishta and Section 5 Trebenishta - Podmole

(2015 - ongoing)

Express road "Gradsko - Prilep"
Express road "Kriva Palanka - Rankovce"
Express road "Stip - Radovis"

Gas pipeline "Negotino - Prilep"

Blasting of several quarries including:
Location: Gramadi, village Omorani - Municipality of Izvor, Veles
Location: Voda, village Chegrane - Municipality of Gostivar
Location: Cucul - Govrlevska Krasta, Municipality of Sopiste - Skopje
Location: Trojaci - Municipality of Prilep
Location: Crkoven Rid, village Orasec - Municipality of Kumanovo
Location: Rudnik Banjani, village Banjani - Municipality of Chucher Sandevo
Location: Tikijarnica, village Pcinja - Kumanovo